Sharing economy


In the last few years, the expression sharing economy has become commonplace, usually associated with large portals involving the sharing of goods and services. For years now, Libre, recognizing himself in this vision, collaborating with profit and non-profit organizations, realizing products outside a strictly “market” logic, with a view to common design, exchange, and ideal support. Here are some of these “minor” jobs.


It’s a place where new projects and business ideas can be developed, thanks to the accompaniment provided by a network of experts and reference mentors. Libre with STI provide their expertise and their desire to work collaboratively.


Project of the City of Turin implemented in collaboration with Open Incet. Libre has developed the website.


A website created for a communications agency with which Libre has collaborated on some projects.


Sports association promoting the integration of foreign minorities. Libre and Balon Mundial both have been part of the Torino Youth Center Network. Libre made the web site.


Circolo Arci active in the social and cultural sphere and partner of the Torino Youth Center. Libre made the website.


Can a small Turin company think of supporting a young independent guide in the Sahara desert, realizing for him a simple display site? Yeah!


Italian association dealing with issues related to environment, sustainability and social justice. Libre has provided ,over the years. some support in the field of graphics, hosting and web consultancy.

Torino Hammam Villa Khamsa

A wonderful Turkish bath from the authentic atmosphere, located in Collegno (Torino) in the Certosa park. Libre has made their website.


A website of two legal and labor law consultants, with whom Libre has been working for a long time.