Our vision

We do not believe that digital will save the world. We rather believe that the risk of trivializing, simplify, disperse is intrinsic to the time of information overload and social media. Stiegler and Material Design, McLuhan and Mooc, Singolarity University and GitHub: Libre team mix degrees in computer science and philosophy, in design and semiotics. This leads us to the responsibility to create not only products that work, but that work with a purpose. The concept of “purpose”, meaning beautiful, useful, fair, drives always us to do the best we can every time we face a new project.

Our products

Libre is a groundbreaking enterprise active in the field of digital communication, and specifically in the development of educational and cultural products. Our strength are the front-end development, the care we devote to both appearance and contents, and the capability of adapting each solution to a context.


What we do

Web Design

Ecommerce, WordPress integration, Responsive design, Frontend and Backend development.

App Development

iOs and Web App, User Interface and User Experience design.

Html 5 & Crossplatform

Crossplatform development with Html5, Javascript, Css3.


Video and web animation from the concept to the design.

Test & Assessment

More than 30 question types, from close to html5 animation.

Interactive Exhibit

Interactive softwares for totem, exhibit design and production.

Digital Magazines

Pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling with non conventional interactive magazines.

Augmented Reality

From Gps to 360 degree immersive application.